A course on Snorri Sturluson starting Jan. 18th.



18th of January

Geir Waage:

The settlement and medieval life in Iceland

Gísli Sigurðsson:

Snorri and the oral tradition


25th of January

Geir Waage:

Snorri´slife in Reykholt


1th  of February

Jon Gunnar Jörgensen:

Heimskrin gla and the meaning of Snorri for modern Norway


8th of February

Gísli Sigurðsson:

Snorri and Edda poetry

15th of February

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Our aim is to present the medieval literature heritage of Iceland to other nations. It really speaks to other Germanc nations, as therein may be found the roots of germanic culture as well as being entertaining and dramatic literature.